A familiar theme of alumni frustration at Trinity College

Colgate alumni – does this sound familiar? Colgate alumni are not alone in understanding the need to reform governance in higher education.

Alumni at Trinity College, out of a combination of affection for the College and distress over failed leadership have established The Alumni Fund as a way to “vote with your wallet”.

Alumni giving at Trinity has plunged. Many cannot reconcile their personal moral and ethical standards with the current direction of the College and so cannot, in good conscience, support the school financially. In addition, many are frustrated that even symbolic gifts signaling displeasure (commonly donations of $1 or of dollar amounts such as $18.23 that relate to significant dates in College history) are counted in the participation rates and reported as “support” in the school’s giving totals.

The Alumni Fund for Trinity College was established whereby funding will be made to the College based on the actions and results of the current and future leadership. The Fund will distribute 80% of its balance on an annual basis upon verifying the College has met the following criteria for the preceding year.

• The Board of Trustees will adopt a written plan and provide reporting each semester to the Fund on actions taken to improve the College’s ranking in the National Liberal Arts Colleges Rankings as published by US News & World Report.

• The right of students to freely associate, both in College-sponsored and private organizations, regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or political affiliation, shall not be abridged or infringed.

Learn more at http://trinityalumnifund.com/


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