Welcome to Dr. Casey


          A Better Colgate is proud to join Colgate’s administration, Trustees and Alumni Council members in welcoming Dr. Brian Casey as Colgate’s 17th President. By all measures that we have observed he is everything outlined by the search committee. Described as inclusive, a bridge builder and a healer he comes to Colgate where his skills and commitments are greatly needed. We at A Better Colgate are excited and hopeful in welcoming him to the Colgate community.
          Our Chairman, Jim Muzzy requested an opportunity to sit down with Dr. Casey in his office at DePauw. Jim expected he would be given a quick 30 minute in and out meeting. Instead Dr. Casey set aside several hours for a conversation. Jim found Dr. Casey to be very cordial and welcoming. He insisted on being called Brian. He spoke with great pride about his eight years at DePauw. He expressed great excitement about coming to Colgate and indicated a desire to spend an even longer tenure at Colgate.
          After three Presidents and three interim Presidents in the last 15 years a President that wants to stay with us over a longer period of time is what Colgate needs to heal and stabilize its fractured constituencies and fix other problems caused by the many changes of leadership.
Brian impressed Jim with his solid grip on many subjects based on only a few visits to Colgate.
          Jim found him to express great affection to his students at DePauw and it was clear that many of those students expressed great and strong positive opinions and admiration concerning him.
          On many occasions A Better Colgate has criticized prior administrations for losing sight of their only legitimate responsibility, namely keeping students always first in its decisions. We are hopeful Brian will bring a renewed focus on the students and overall collegiate experience.
          Amazingly, Brian can address every student by name, a practice he accomplishes even with a whole new freshman class entering every year.
He gets up before dawn every morning to swim with the swim team. Himself, a varsity swimmer and captain of the Notre Dame team he finds the interaction a refreshing start to his day. While in Hamilton he even swam with the Colgate team. Our initial impression is that Brian is neither aloof nor arrogant. Instead, despite his academic accomplishments, he is quite humble and very approachable. He envisions his responsibility to be fully immersed with his true collegiate constituents , the students, faculty, staff and townsfolk.
          If you want to learn more about Dr. Brian Casey just go to www.depauw,edu and click on About DePauw, click on the office of President and then biography. Briefly he has three degrees, Notre Dame B.A., Stanford Law Degree, and Harvard Ph.D. If you click other headings on the main page you will find DePauw’s and Colgate’s significant similarities.


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