Alumni Council Elections 2016

Do you have a demonstrated commitment to Colgate, meaningful personal or professional accomplishments, a readiness and willingness to become more involved on behalf of the University, a history of financial or other activities of support to Colgate?

The election to the Alumni Council Board of Directors is not limited to the nine people selected to run on the AC’s slate. Independent candidates may petition onto the ballot.

To qualify, you must:
*have attended Colgate for at least one semester
*receive petition signatures from 75 Colgate alumni/ae
*send the petitions to Colgate to arrive by April 10
*submit a Notice of Consent to be a candidate with the petitions
*send a picture of yourself
*send a 100-word statement for the ballot
*send a bio

If you are able and willing to run, A Better Colgate is ready to help you get out the word to fulfill these requirements. Contact us at or call 440.934.4972 to discuss your campaign.

We believe that open elections for Alumni Council (rather than a closed slate) serve as an example and inspiration for open election of one-third of the policy-setting Board of Trustees.

The deadline to submit petitions is April 10. Electronic and paper ballots are available at least 30 days before the annual meeting, typically held at Reunion in June.

YEARS # ALUMNI (subject to change every three years)

ERA I 1931 – 1967
ERA II 1968–1977
ERA III 1978–1984
ERA IV 1985–1991
ERA V 1992–1998
ERA VI 1999–2005
ERA VII 2006–2015
A handy tip from an alumnus who wrote to independent candidates last year: “I’m open to signing your petition, but you seem to be more interested in providing us your resume than you are with telling us how you would enrich the Colgate pre-graduate and post-graduate experience. What are the most important issues that Colgate faces today, and how do you propose to address them?” (The AC slate only provides only a brief bio, but in open elections, alumni want to know more about a candidate.)

Details from the Alumni Council Bylaws, as amended April 13, 2014
(b) Nomination and Election of Alumni Council Members.

(i) In recommending annually the seven (7) candidates for the Alumni Council referred to in Article IV, Section 1(a) of these Bylaws, the Committee shall recommend one (1) candidate from each of seven (7) membership groups determined as follows: the entire membership shall be divided into seven (7) membership groups by consecutive graduation class so that each group will contain as nearly as practicable an equal number of members. In recommending annually the candidates for the Alumni Council referred to in Article IV, Section 1(c) of these Bylaws, the Committee shall recommend two (2) “at large” candidates who may be members of any of the seven (7) membership groups.

(ii) In selecting these candidates, the Committee shall consider varied Colgate volunteer service, a demonstrated commitment to Colgate over time, meaningful personal or professional accomplishments or contributions to the greater community, a readiness and willingness to become more involved on behalf of the University, and a consistent history of giving financial support to Colgate. The Committee shall endeavor to ensure that the nominees recommended for election to the Alumni Council would, if elected, result in an Alumni Council that reflects and represents both graduating class distribution and the diversity of the alumni membership as a whole.

(iii) Upon approval by the Alumni Council of the candidates so recommended the Executive Secretary shall cause the names of the seven (7) candidates for the Alumni Council and the membership groups from which they were nominated and the two “at large” candidates to be listed either (i) in the first issue of The Colgate Scene or any successor publication following the January Alumni Council meeting in which the listing can be accomplished (giving due consideration to publication deadlines and the need to obtain consents and information from the nominees) or (ii) in a notice mailed to every member on or before March 1 following the January Alumni Council meeting. Such notice shall summarize the method for nominations by petition as set forth herein and shall state that if no such nominations are made for a directorship, the Executive Secretary is authorized by the By-Laws of the Corporation to cast a unanimous ballot at the annual meeting for the single candidate nominated for each such directorship.

(iv) Any member whose name shall not have been listed as one of the nine (9) candidates referred to in Article VI Section 10(b)(i) shall be eligible for election as a member of the Alumni Council from either the membership group that includes his or her graduation class or “at-large,” provided that a petition to nominate him or her that states the membership group or “at large” for which he or she is to be nominated and is signed by not less than seventy-five (75) members entitled to vote, shall have been delivered to the Executive Secretary no later than April 10 preceding the annual meeting.

(v) During any particular year, no member may sign more than one (1) petition in each membership group and one (1) petition for an “at large” candidate. No member shall be nominated unless his or her consent in writing to nomination has been obtained.

(vi) If any candidates are nominated by petition, the Executive Secretary, not less than thirty (30) days before the date of the annual meeting, shall provide to every member ballot for the contested position(s). Ballots may be returned in any manner specified by the Corporation in the ballot, and no other. Ballots other than in person must be received by the Corporation not later than the day prior to the annual meeting. Any ballot returned in person must be filed not later than fifteen (15) minutes after the opening of the annual meeting. Only nominations made as provided in these Bylaws shall be voted upon at the annual meeting. In the event that there is no contest for one (1) or more positions, the Executive Secretary shall cast a unanimous ballot for the single candidate nominated for each such position at the annual meeting.