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Why Reform Governance?

The Case for Reforming Governance at Colgate University

This is how Colgate frequently addresses us when it has a point to make or to request a donation.

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On behalf of 2,243 Colgate alumni, A Better Colgate presented a petition to the Board of Trustees asking for a simple request

Student Statistics

In 24 years, with about the same number of students, the number of staff has grown by 783% to 945 non-teaching employees!

Core Curriculum

Colgate says that its curriculum “is structured to provide a well-rounded liberal education and to prepare students for graduate and professional schools.”

Petition Signers

Join the growing list of those who support a reform in governance at Colgate University.

Interesting Facts

Tuition and fees are rising faster than inflation or family income, a phenomenon that is not sustainable.

National Trends

See what the media is saying about national trends in tuition and governance.