Vote for Direct Elections of Trustees at Colgate University

Meet the Petition Candidates for 2012 Alumni Council

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The By-laws for Colgate Alumni Council allow any qualified alumnus/ae to petition onto the ballot for the Board of Directors.

Open elections provide a great marketing opportunity for the Alumni Council to engage with their donor base, demonstrate that elections at Colgate can be managed efficiently and cost effectively, encourage discussion on leadership, and provide a forum for alternatives to the status quo.

  • Wednesday, April 25 Ballots mailed
  • Friday, April 27 on-line voting begins
  • Friday, June 1 polls close

If you don’t receive a ballot from Colgate or have trouble voting online, contact the Office of Alumni Affairs at 315-228-7439. If you need additional assistance, please contact A Better Colgate at or 303.722.9958

A small, self-perpetuating group of 15 alumni form the AC Nominating Committee. Seven are “Life Members”. For the past 30 years, this has been the method of selecting every alumni representative. Six members are then selected as “trustee” alumni. The AC By-laws allow for elections. Why not let the alumni chose?

Alumni Council President Christine Cronin Gallagher personally reached out and encouraged Sean Devlin to run and told him she would nominate him, which assumes she believed he was an exemplary Colgate volunteer and had a consistent history of giving to Colgate. Otherwise, why would she nominate him?

She is now aggressively campaigning on behalf of the Council for its slate.

Colgate University's Improper BallotDoug Wilson was discouraged from running as an independent candidate last year by Colgate staff, and is now taking the legitimate route to election as provided in the Bylaws.

All alumni and every candidate, whether they have been slated by the Alumni Council or received petition signatures from their peers have a right to expect a fair election – with no repeat of last year’s inappropriate act of printing the Council’s endorsements of their selected candidates on the back of the physical ballot.


Doug Wilson Class of 57.jpgDoug Wilson Colgate ’57 ERA I
PH: 914-591-7028

Why I want to serve on the Alumni Council

I will dedicate my service to my father, who served Colgate for more than 77 years including decades as head of student selection for Long Island. My dad was responsible for thousands of students attending Colgate. Colgate is in our family DNA. Nine Wilsons are alumni; my parents are buried at Colgate. I see a great future for our alma mater. She has evolved into a school that is superior to when I attended because of its diverse student body and international awareness. I am devoted to diversity of thought and to fulfilling my familial obligation of service to Colgate.

The issues Colgate faces in our 21st Century culture are extremely challenging. I strongly support President Herbst’s vision of more financial aid for deserving students, which will help to ensure diversity in the make-up of the student body. I also strongly support a curriculum that emphasizes diversity of thought, providing students with a broad perspective so they can form their own points of view based on a well-balanced education.


Leader of Colgate 13; Konosioni, Mu of DKE, Masque & Triangle Club; board member Colgate 13 Alumni Association; 50 years as a producer and director of ABC’s Wide World of Sports, recognized with 17 Emmys; Directors Guild of America Lifetime Achievement Award in Sports; inductee U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame; JFK Foundation Special Olympics Service Award; founder and president Irvington Landmark Preservation; guest lecturer at Colgate, the Naval War College, American University, among others.

Colgate Volunteer Activities

Doug helped establish four scholarship funds at Colgate, helped several students through the admissions process, and is a consistent donor to the President’s Club, and a regular Reunion attendee.


Sean Fitzmichael Devlin 2012.jpgSean Fitzmichael Devlin, Esq. ’05 Era VII

After graduating, Sean taught English to at-risk Latino youth at the St. Ignatius School in the South Bronx. Sean later worked for the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office and MIB Group while attending Suffolk University Law School. He also worked two summers in Amsterdam as a Summer Associate for Baker & McKenzie focusing on international corporate tax and mergers & acquisitions. Sean currently lives in Boston and is Legal Counsel for FBEC, a utility contractor.

I accepted the nominations of the current president of the Alumni Council and over 100 alumni because the AC needs a shake-up. The AC has selected its own members for the past 30 years. If elected, I will work towards implementing direct elections of at least a third of the AC and the creation of a task force made up of diverse Colgate stakeholders charged with publishing an in-depth study of the high cost of a Colgate education, University governance and stakeholder engagement with recommendations to be presented to the Board of Trustees. Thank you for voting. Go ‘gate!

Alumni Volunteer Activities
Senior Class Gift Committee, Co-Chairman: 2004-2005
DKE Alumni Corporation, President: 2005-2011
Rugby Alumni Association, Active Member: 2005-
Boston/NYC Alumni Clubs, Active Member: 2005-
A Better Colgate, Director: 2007-
Mu DKE Foundation, Vice-Chairman: 2010-
Alumni Council, Candidate: 2006, 2011, 2012